Excerpt from Order Of The Stone chapter 5

Lance Grey’s plane touched down at Roanoke Regional Airport. A quick taxi from the landing strip, and the plane stopped in front of a tube-shaped metal hanger. The little four-seater had turned a long drive from upstate New York to an easy, short trip that barely left him feeling tired. However every time he flew into this part of Virginia, he couldn’t help but remember that on the fateful day of May 28th, 1971, the World War II hero and actor Audie Murphy was killed along with four others when their private Aero Commander 680 plane crashed into the side of a mountain near Roanoke. Lance wasn’t old enough to remember the incident firsthand, but he had grown up with a rather eclectic love of movies in which he had gained a great respect for Audie. Any place that has seen the death of a hero usually harbors a villain that either caused the death or was a replacement for the thing that did. In that fact, Lance had a suspicion that whatever was plaguing Roanoke had been there for a very long time.

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What is commitment?
Have you ever asked yourself that question?

Commitment is the extent you are willing to sacrifice to obtain your goals. No more no less. Conversations happen all the time that lead people to interact and ask – are you committed? Many times our answers are chimed cliches that don’t reflect the condition of our hearts. We are afraid to answer truthfully because anything under 100% commitment reveals us as being human and we lie to ourselves by pushing the belief that some non-human super-being will take our place, relegating us to the mediocrity that is hiding inside.

Break down reality to its components. (Life in truth, life in a lies) now ask yourself this. Where do I spend most my time?

If you want to be free, in body mind and spirit, you have to conquer the expectations that you assume others have for you as well as the fake person that you erected to keep from answer for yourself the hard questions, like – where am I really going, do I have any real worth, should I believe that I make a difference in the world.

We have all been called to change. Called to change other people’s lives, help them achieve their highest potential, and direct them to internal peace. The more you give of yourself the more you will find that the elusive ideologue of commitment is so much a part of you that when some questions your level of commitment, you feel aghast at how someone can’t see the obvious.

Remember, not everyone is as far on the journey as you are.

“Ut ceteri vivant”


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Will you say nothing?

Where is the great defender of the weak?
Who will those unable to defend themselves turn too?
How can the good let the bad continue to walk unbridled?

It’s troubling times when we find ourselves always in a state of unfairness. As a country and a people we have been know throughout the years as the champion of the weak and the harbinger of justice to those who would violate the universal law of loving your neighbor as yourself. Yet today we sit at the sidelines of the world looking on to the spectacle before us, waiting for the chance to show our support or decent with a raised or lowered thumb. A menagerie for our entertainment.

Playing out is the passion of people, dying in great numbers by sadistic rulers who put death on the wind, and wherever it blows, finds its victims and closes their eyes forever on this age. Yet we wait, poised with our fist raised, should we thumb up or thumb down. Likewise a tourniquet is placed around the proverbial neck of people whose hope is a military protectorate that stands against the terror of unscrupulous people. We let our surrogate speak for us and condemn actions that save lives of innocents.

What have we all become? I think we view the people of the world no more than just another social media event, to “like” or ignore.

Psalms 82:1-4 says this:

1 The True God stands to preside over the heavenly council. He pronounces judgment on the so-called gods.

2 He asks: “How long will you judge dishonestly
and be partial to the wicked?”

3 “Stand up for the poor and the orphan; advocate for the rights of the afflicted and those in need.

4 Deliver the poor and the needy; rescue them from their evil oppressors.”

5 These bullies are ignorant; they have no understanding of My ways. So as they walk in darkness,
the foundations of the earth tremble.

6 I said, “Though you are gods and children of the Most High,

7 You will die no differently than any mortal; you will fall like one of the princes.”

8 Rise up, O True God; judge the rulers of the earth, for all the nations are Yours.

Wrestle with those thoughts for a while and decide were in the pantheon you will stand. For whom the word is given are gods under the one true God and are responsible for their actions, whether engrossed or apathetic.

“Ut ceteri vivant”


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News Alert. Obama is black (Fear of Offense)

THE WASHINGTON TIMES reported on a story today:

“The Missouri State Fair has imposed a lifetime ban on a rodeo clown who donned a mask resembling President Obama during Saturday’s bull-riding competition. ”


The “offending” clown wore his mask while the announcer asked if the crowd wanted to see the President run over by a bull. The crowed cheered it’s approval and hence the problem that ensued.

Reports of social media reporting the incident equating to a KKK meeting fanned flames that are to familiar these days. But let’s break down things a bit.

Lets talk about rodeo clowns and Presidents: They (clowns) have always used the current president as butts of jokes. Anyone who attended rodeos in the 90’s will remember the cigar toting Clinton skits. So why all of the sudden should we crap our pants in fear over another typical clown anecdote, when the truth being told has nothing to do with skin color but political differentiation. The crowd majority didn’t approve of the President and his policies not disapprove the color of his skin. The crowed cheers regularly for dark skinned men like Valdiron De Oliveira. Lets face the truth, if your not “county” you probably see people that attend rodeos as white rednecks, that are the last stronghold of racism, but lets look how far the rodeo scene has come since the days of Mr. Dightman who you should Google if you don’t know who he is.

I’m not going to pretend like so many others do that I have “qualifications” to talk about race because I have a black friend or because someone in the family has a mixed marriage. That type of idiocy is assassin and insulting. I can talk about racial issues because I see it ever day and it effects my life, plus I have an opinion on the subject and I’m not a coward trying to mitigate (social agenda) damages.

Living in fear of “offense” cripples the healing process. What do I mean by that? Well I’m glad you asked. When you are walking on eggshells, surgically scrutinizing everything to avoid the hint of offence, you effectively are always putting on display before yourself that the differences between people define us as individuals and that we are not all simply human beings spinning on the same orb, circling the sun. If we want racial scars to heal we need to treat the subject like a departed loved one. As a personal example of what I mean is this: When my mother was sick with MS, all that was happening around my family involved the coping with the disease. She had it, we didn’t but it affected us all. When she passed away with complications caused by the disease, the heartache and pain was like a rushing wave, which drowned out anything that would resemble normalcy, and even sometimes our good judgment, but then came something wonderful. TIME. Time began to work it’s magic, the pain subsided the days grew brighter. Today I still remember my mother, the good things of life with her, but her face is clouded a bit, the details softened. I’ll never forget her completely, and I no longer have the pain of the past. I am moving on, going forward.

Just like issues of racism, I know that MS still exists in the world and there needs to be an active participation in finding a cure. What I don’t need to do is be a hypochondriac, hunting for its symptoms in my life. Because as we all know, what we believe in our minds becomes our reality.

What the clown showed was a lack of wisdom and understanding of the age we live. He is paying the consequences of that as well. But judging a man’s heart by immediately labeling his conduct as racist is putting you on the level with God.

Oh and as a parting note, who hasn’t heard of the Holocaust, the pinnacle of racism on earth? Last I looked God in the flesh was a Jew. I think his “qualifications” on the subject are a bit higher than ours. Lets leave the judging to him. I’m just say’n……


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Trade Shows and…….God?

Recently I was attending an industry specific show for the company I work for. Well actually I just got back last night. During the course of the event I was given the opportunity to talk to a myriad of public servants. The range was from Police and Rescue to Educators. The majority of them could easily be classified as non-spiritual people and in fact enjoy the typical banter and shtick of most fifteen year olds. Now I’m not saying that I am above their line of humor or that I am all that different in manners. My point is: these guys think the perfect evangelist styled hair and TV preacher persona is nothing more than tricks used by the common car sales man. Nothing less noble and surely nothing holy.

The gruff and tumble of these men and women are traditionally not accepted by those in high society and especially in the “church”.

Here is the truth – they serve to protect, rescue, teach, because its the right thing to do, because they love the goodly masses and want to better our lives. Jesus came to serve, find the lost, mend the broken, and teach a better way to live. So when you see the cocky, state trooper or get a ticket from the “douche bag” cop – change your thoughts toward them and realize that their daily work mirrors that of the Savior. Let us not judge someone because they caught us bending the rules, but instead be grateful that they are doing a job we don’t want to do or one that we think we are too good for.

Maybe we should spend more time washing feet, instead of seeing how high we can raise our noses.

“Ut ceteri vivant”

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Your Life As A Rubik’s Cube


From the moment we were born, we began to be shuffled. Twisted into a complex patterns of random thoughts and emotions, evasive truths and hidden hurts. As we mature we begin unraveling the nature of our surroundings. We try to bring an order to our disheveled lives. In many cases we make improvements and to some, look as though we have found our purpose.


But if we are honest we know we will never be completed with our own understanding. Some search through science, others just find faith in the belief of evolution. That somehow through chance, they will be made complete or the generation to come will be. The truth is this, only the designer of science and the evolving universe can rearrange the patterns of our lives and bring complete order. People who don’t believe say “your crazy” when you mention, talking to Jesus. However when your “knower” knows something, you stop caring about their opinions.


“Ut ceteri vivant”

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Quest For Compassion

Have you ever been a part of, or heard a conversation that started with “If you could be or do anything, what would you do?” How did you respond, what was your thought process?

Many of us are waiting for that big moment when we get to stand up and really show ourselves as a great person of faith/ or for those of you who don’t believe in the Eternal being, a person of great social conscience. I suggest that we no longer wait but start questing for that moment of compassion. We should begin to actively start searching during the mundane of our lives for the people of our community who are desperate, emotionally, physically, and yes, spiritually.

To our social conscience people, I have to say I am thankful for all the good work you have done already, so many charities and programs for the needy have been founded upon your shoulders and those just like you. Unfortunately many of us who profess they follow the path of Jesus have done little if anything. Too many would rather draw lines in the sand in order to separate themselves from others who are not of their same moral persuasion and in doing so communicate that you are not good enough and how despised you are. Clearly actions speak louder than any verbiage, and saying your a thing doesn’t make it so. I present the following:

Jesus: This fellow was traveling down from Jerusalem to Jericho when some robbers mugged him. They took his clothes, beat him to a pulp, and left him naked and bleeding and in critical condition. By chance, a priest was going down that same road, and when he saw the wounded man, he crossed over to the other side and passed by. Then a Levite who was on his way to assist in the temple also came and saw the victim lying there, and he too kept his distance.

Then a despised Samaritan journeyed by. When he saw the fellow, he felt compassion for him. The Samaritan went over to him, stopped the bleeding, applied some first aid, and put the poor fellow on his donkey. He brought the man to an inn and cared for him through the night.
The next day, the Samaritan took out some money —two days’ wages to be exact—and paid the innkeeper, saying, “Please take care of this fellow, and if this isn’t enough, I’ll repay you next time I pass through.”

Which of these three proved himself a neighbor to the man who had been mugged by the robbers?

Scholar: The one who showed mercy to him.

Jesus: Well then, go and behave like that Samaritan.

Everyone, are you hearing the response to the scholar. Good is Good. Apparently it’s not how we perceive a person that dictates the value of his actions. It seems that our social conscience brothers and sisters may be more right than we want to admit. Emulate what is right and quest to be a person of compassion.

“Ut ceteri vivant”


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