Your Life As A Rubik’s Cube


From the moment we were born, we began to be shuffled. Twisted into a complex patterns of random thoughts and emotions, evasive truths and hidden hurts. As we mature we begin unraveling the nature of our surroundings. We try to bring an order to our disheveled lives. In many cases we make improvements and to some, look as though we have found our purpose.


But if we are honest we know we will never be completed with our own understanding. Some search through science, others just find faith in the belief of evolution. That somehow through chance, they will be made complete or the generation to come will be. The truth is this, only the designer of science and the evolving universe can rearrange the patterns of our lives and bring complete order. People who don’t believe say “your crazy” when you mention, talking to Jesus. However when your “knower” knows something, you stop caring about their opinions.


“Ut ceteri vivant”

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