Trade Shows and…….God?

Recently I was attending an industry specific show for the company I work for. Well actually I just got back last night. During the course of the event I was given the opportunity to talk to a myriad of public servants. The range was from Police and Rescue to Educators. The majority of them could easily be classified as non-spiritual people and in fact enjoy the typical banter and shtick of most fifteen year olds. Now I’m not saying that I am above their line of humor or that I am all that different in manners. My point is: these guys think the perfect evangelist styled hair and TV preacher persona is nothing more than tricks used by the common car sales man. Nothing less noble and surely nothing holy.

The gruff and tumble of these men and women are traditionally not accepted by those in high society and especially in the “church”.

Here is the truth – they serve to protect, rescue, teach, because its the right thing to do, because they love the goodly masses and want to better our lives. Jesus came to serve, find the lost, mend the broken, and teach a better way to live. So when you see the cocky, state trooper or get a ticket from the “douche bag” cop – change your thoughts toward them and realize that their daily work mirrors that of the Savior. Let us not judge someone because they caught us bending the rules, but instead be grateful that they are doing a job we don’t want to do or one that we think we are too good for.

Maybe we should spend more time washing feet, instead of seeing how high we can raise our noses.

“Ut ceteri vivant”

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