News Alert. Obama is black (Fear of Offense)

THE WASHINGTON TIMES reported on a story today:

“The Missouri State Fair has imposed a lifetime ban on a rodeo clown who donned a mask resembling President Obama during Saturday’s bull-riding competition. ”


The “offending” clown wore his mask while the announcer asked if the crowd wanted to see the President run over by a bull. The crowed cheered it’s approval and hence the problem that ensued.

Reports of social media reporting the incident equating to a KKK meeting fanned flames that are to familiar these days. But let’s break down things a bit.

Lets talk about rodeo clowns and Presidents: They (clowns) have always used the current president as butts of jokes. Anyone who attended rodeos in the 90’s will remember the cigar toting Clinton skits. So why all of the sudden should we crap our pants in fear over another typical clown anecdote, when the truth being told has nothing to do with skin color but political differentiation. The crowd majority didn’t approve of the President and his policies not disapprove the color of his skin. The crowed cheers regularly for dark skinned men like Valdiron De Oliveira. Lets face the truth, if your not “county” you probably see people that attend rodeos as white rednecks, that are the last stronghold of racism, but lets look how far the rodeo scene has come since the days of Mr. Dightman who you should Google if you don’t know who he is.

I’m not going to pretend like so many others do that I have “qualifications” to talk about race because I have a black friend or because someone in the family has a mixed marriage. That type of idiocy is assassin and insulting. I can talk about racial issues because I see it ever day and it effects my life, plus I have an opinion on the subject and I’m not a coward trying to mitigate (social agenda) damages.

Living in fear of “offense” cripples the healing process. What do I mean by that? Well I’m glad you asked. When you are walking on eggshells, surgically scrutinizing everything to avoid the hint of offence, you effectively are always putting on display before yourself that the differences between people define us as individuals and that we are not all simply human beings spinning on the same orb, circling the sun. If we want racial scars to heal we need to treat the subject like a departed loved one. As a personal example of what I mean is this: When my mother was sick with MS, all that was happening around my family involved the coping with the disease. She had it, we didn’t but it affected us all. When she passed away with complications caused by the disease, the heartache and pain was like a rushing wave, which drowned out anything that would resemble normalcy, and even sometimes our good judgment, but then came something wonderful. TIME. Time began to work it’s magic, the pain subsided the days grew brighter. Today I still remember my mother, the good things of life with her, but her face is clouded a bit, the details softened. I’ll never forget her completely, and I no longer have the pain of the past. I am moving on, going forward.

Just like issues of racism, I know that MS still exists in the world and there needs to be an active participation in finding a cure. What I don’t need to do is be a hypochondriac, hunting for its symptoms in my life. Because as we all know, what we believe in our minds becomes our reality.

What the clown showed was a lack of wisdom and understanding of the age we live. He is paying the consequences of that as well. But judging a man’s heart by immediately labeling his conduct as racist is putting you on the level with God.

Oh and as a parting note, who hasn’t heard of the Holocaust, the pinnacle of racism on earth? Last I looked God in the flesh was a Jew. I think his “qualifications” on the subject are a bit higher than ours. Lets leave the judging to him. I’m just say’n……


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