What is commitment?
Have you ever asked yourself that question?

Commitment is the extent you are willing to sacrifice to obtain your goals. No more no less. Conversations happen all the time that lead people to interact and ask – are you committed? Many times our answers are chimed cliches that don’t reflect the condition of our hearts. We are afraid to answer truthfully because anything under 100% commitment reveals us as being human and we lie to ourselves by pushing the belief that some non-human super-being will take our place, relegating us to the mediocrity that is hiding inside.

Break down reality to its components. (Life in truth, life in a lies) now ask yourself this. Where do I spend most my time?

If you want to be free, in body mind and spirit, you have to conquer the expectations that you assume others have for you as well as the fake person that you erected to keep from answer for yourself the hard questions, like – where am I really going, do I have any real worth, should I believe that I make a difference in the world.

We have all been called to change. Called to change other people’s lives, help them achieve their highest potential, and direct them to internal peace. The more you give of yourself the more you will find that the elusive ideologue of commitment is so much a part of you that when some questions your level of commitment, you feel aghast at how someone can’t see the obvious.

Remember, not everyone is as far on the journey as you are.

“Ut ceteri vivant”


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